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Bulerias Workshop with Mercedes Romero

13th of January 2024,   from 1 to 3pm
Jason Thomas Dance, Bernhard
St Clement Street, Truro, TR1 1EQ
To book please send a message from this site in Contacts



Sevillanas & Flamenco Workshop

8th of January, 2pm -4:30pm, 
Verses 2-4,   £25
at YMCA Penzance, Alverton Road. TR18 4TE, £25
Bring clothes you can stretch in and a wide swinging, long skirt. Also, shoes with broad heels.
For bookings and/or information please contact me via this site!


Iberian Horse Show 2022

Showed for the first time my Flamenco- Fire Fan routine. This was in the act  of 
brilliant stunt rider Freddy Steele.
Spanish rider with four dancers is the celebrity Pepe Civico. 
Four dancers are Mercedes Romero,
Karina Gracia, Katy Sidel, and Claudia 

Flamenco in Cornwall News & Archive From Claudia Caolín Y Compania

New courses are published under the heading 'Classes'.

Show - border (8).jpg

Flamenco Fusions


Join us for a dazzling evening of dance, music and multimedia, presented by Claudia Caolin Dance & Entertainment. 


Featuring Claudia Caolin and Aneta Skut (dance), Kathy Nicholls (visual art), Jamie 'Cuffy' Cuthbertson (guitar), and Jaime Cantera (song)


Book now:

Friday 24 June 2022

Acorn Theatre, Penzance

Tickets £16

Book online or call: 01736-363545 


Sunday 26 June 2022

Merlin Theatre, Frome

Tickets £16

Book online or call: 01373-465949

Flamenco Poster Penzance 2020.jpg
Flamenco poster in Mawnan.jpg

   Bring a wide skirt and broad-heeled sturdy shoes.

                     Let the sunshine in!

 Flamenco para Siempre Show 3rd of October in The Acorn, Penzance,   20:00h


Lane Theatre, Newquay, 19th of October,  20:00h

web poster layers rough FPS my take with
Taranto shadow screen compre web.jpg

Flamenco Para Siempre

We are very proud to announce our new production: 'Flamenco para Siempre'

Claudia Caolín will be collaborating with the fabulous Aneta la Polaca and Flamenco Loco from Bristol.

Some information:

This very special multi-media production features a plethora of truly authentic Flamenco dance and music pieces, vivid costumes and passionate choreography. The two Flamenco women, Aneta from Poland and Claudia Caolín , resident on British soil, will show what hidden passions can reside in the human soul. They are joined by stunningly virtuous Flamenco guitarist Jamie Cuthbertson (Cuffy) and versatile singer and musician Jaime Cantera.

For this special evening a kaleidoscopic journey to the manifold styles of Flamenco awaits, from a nostalgic, historic feast of the senses to a modern, streamline interpretation, underlined by acoustic fireworks. 

Apart from the hauntingly beautiful music, Flamenco para Siempre, uses shadow projection and image projections to enhance the visual impact and thus tell untold stories in a new and innovative way. It aims to capture the pathos, drama, colour and excitement inherent within the experience of Flamenco.

The show will debut on 15th of May 2019 in the outstanding Carnglaze Caverns in East Cornwall. this is a very special and fitting atmosphere to the show, as Flamenco has strong roots in the mining culture and, in certain parts of Andalusia, often is still performed in caves.

15th May:             Carnglaze Caverns  20:00 h,  St Neot, Liskeard, PL14 6HQ

                       ,  01479-320251

2nd August:         Budehaven School   19:00 h,  Bude, Valley Road, EX23 8DQ

                                 Tickets available through CRBO, see below

3rd October:        Acorn Penzance  20:00 h, Penzance, Parade St, TR18 4BU

                       , 01736-363545

19th October:      Lane Theatre Newquay   20:00 h, Newquay, TR8 4PX

                       , 01637-876945

All tickets also through CRBO, or 01726-879500


Thanks to Jaime Cantera for his great support on guitar and voice. Such a great talent and a real pleasure to work with!

Also many thanks to the Eden Project for booking us  and thanks to our many audience members. You were great!

Hope we helped to make your day extra special!

This half term (Feb '19) was very special. We were invited to perform and entertain in the Eden Project. Such good fun! " Two performances and two Workshops a day.


Photographs by Cathy Trodd

Eden Centre:  Passport to the World

Claudia will be entertaining at 

the Eden Project in Cornwall

Performances and Workshops:

with Jaime Cantera (guitar and song)

from Bristol.

Timings to be confirmed but probably at 11am and 2pm from the 16th to the 24th of February 2019.

In the Mediterranean Dome.

Fun for all the family!

Photographs by Emily Whitfield

Thank you for two wonderful shows in Exeter Phoenix and the St.Ives Theatre. Everybody will agree that the audience really loved it!

Penzance Sevillanas web juerga

on the 15th of December, 5pm, £8

in Redwing Gallery, Penzance, 01736-448402

Book a place! one drink and Tapas included

There will be live music from 

Flamenco Loco from Bristol

before: Sevillanas Workshop from 3-5pm, £12. 

Learn how to dance and party!

Next Sevillanas workshop on the 22nd of July. Same place, same time. But this time probably with tapas from Ana Lozar! Amazing. Please book early!

Large Heading

Our latest International Flamenco show

We are very exited to announce that our next Collaborative Flamenco Show "Mujeres Flamencas"
   (Flamenco Women)

will feature some very special international flamenco stars; dancer, Irene La Serranilla and renowned cantaora (singer) Cristina Soler will be joining Claudia Caolin, the company's founder, in a unique female expression of fire and passion.  There will be two theatre performances, one at The St Ives Theater Cornwall, the other at The Exeter Phoenix Theater  Devon.
We are very proud to announce that also joining the cast will be Jamie Cuthbertson (Cuffy), one of the uk's top flamenco Guitarists and Demi Sabat-Garcia  Spanish  percussionist specialist.

More information and updates to follow soon.

CRBO (ticket office) -
Phoenix Box Office:


Sevillanas dance course with Claudia Caolin, 20th of May from 4 - 6pm in the Redwing Gallery in Penzance.

Sevillanas is a folk dance and party dance from Southern Spain (Sevilla) and really is danced all over the place at parties and ferias.

It is a couple dance but not gender-specific and everybody joins in.

Get your slice from the Spanish Alegria! In this workshop we will learn the first verse (there are 4) and you can chill out at the beautiful Redwing Gallery (Cafe).

To book a place (costs £12) get in contact or directly at Redwing Gallery: 01736-448402

Our latest, very exciting project.

A long time in the waiting as well! We thank the Arts Council and Feast for their support.

Minar Pasion - Mining For Passion

Minar Pasión – Mining For Passion

Minar Pasión derives from the shared history of mining, employing Flamenco dance, traditional Cornish Scoot dance, live Flamenco music, commissioned poetry, narration and visual art.

Hardship, Hope and New Horizons- the Cornish and Spanish Diaspora retold in a new multi-media performance by international dance and theatre company: Claudia Caolín Y Compañia. This latest piece explores the connection between Flamenco and mining, drawing historical parallels between Cornish dance, Flamenco dance and the tradition of passionate song inspired by working in the Andalusian mines.

The show draws on the wealth of music, dance and imagery inspired by the experiences of mining communities of both, Southern Spain and Cornwall. Flamenco owes much of its origins to those working in the metal and mining industries, with one particular style, the Taranto, being solely born out of the mining experience. 

Just as Cornish tin has been a ticket to foreign lands and new horizons, the Spanish Diaspora enhanced Flamenco song and dance through its contact with mining colonies overseas, incorporating the cultural flavour of Latin-America. Thousands left, thousands returned - each telling their own, moving individual story. A theatrical evening awaits which aims to capture the pathos, drama, colour and excitement inherent within the experience of life-risking and life-changing exodus.

The optional workshop series ‘Emotional Feet’, dance workshops in Flamenco dance and Cornish Dance (Scoot), are available in the performance venues where appropriate.  

Our Related Activities.

Minar Pasion - Mining For Passion

The optional workshop series ‘Emotional Feet’, dance workshops in Flamenco dance and Cornish Dance (Scoot), are available in the performance venues where appropriate.      


All performances start 8pm except Grampound which is 7:30pm


11th Nov. Callington Town Hall, PL177BD, 01579-384039, 

18th Nov. The Acorn, Parade Street Penzance, TR18 4BU, 01736-363545,

19th Nov. Heartlands, Dudnance Lane, SORRY THIS DATE HAS BEEN CANCELED

25th Nov. The Poly, 24 Church Street, Falmouth, TR11 3EG, 01326-319461

26th Nov. Grampound Community Hall, Grampound, TR2 4SB, 01726-883874

 Also check out the article about Minar Pasion in Cornwall Today, Nov 2016 issue. Awesome!


Performance dates for the show

11th Nov. Callington Town Hall, PL177BD, 01579-384039, 8pm

18th Nov. The Acorn, Parade Street Penzance, TR18 4BU, 01736-363545, 8pm

25th Nov. The Poly, 24 Church Street, Falmouth, TR11 3EG, 01326-319461, 8pm                                     26th Nov. Grampound Community Hall, Grampound, TR2 4SB, 01726-883874, 7:30pm

Ticket Booking and info:


Flamenco Flamenco, 2016

In association with special guest dancer Irene La Serranilla from Granada

In the Acorn, Penzance on 22nd April, 20:00h (Parade Street, TR18 4BU,

01726 363545)

£14, £12 concessions

International flamenco dance show with superb musicians and two dancers. Exquisite passionate dancing, fabulous costumes and stunning Flamenco music awaits. A dazzling variety of the many different styles of Flamenco is being displayed which ranges from the exquisitely beautiful to the most dramatic and ensures an emotional evening filled with vibrant images, compelling rhythms and artistic pleasure. Claudia Caolin Y Compania gives “a taste of authentic Spanish culture”. (West Briton) In this special show the fantastic Irene La Serranilla shares the stage with elegant dancer Claudia Caolin and wows her audience through technique and wild Andalusian expressivity. She brings her own guitarist Marcos Garcia, who is a favourite guitarist in Flamenco metropolis Granada of Southern Andalusia. Together with amazing singer Alejanro Gambimbo and experienced percussionist Demi Sabat-Garcia, both dominating the Flamenco scene in London, the dancers are being pushed to always new heights of passionate displays of their art form. Let yourself be seduced to an unforgettable evening of Flamenco!

Tickets from CRBO , 01726 879500,

Llamas Flamencas, 2014

Reviews: Review: Llamas Flamencas, St George's

Martin Booth, November 3, 2014

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Like all of the best folk art, flamenco requires little in the way of props or equipment because the drama and passion of the music and dance all come directly from the performers themselves.

As if to emphasise this point, Sunday evening at St George's began with Javier Macias walking almost diffidently on stage alone to sing in the distinctive semi-Arabic Flamenco style. It was a compelling piece of theatre, the elaborating refrains gaining volume and intensity with his simple hand-clapping accompaniment.

As part of the Claudia Caolin company, Macias was joined by two guitarists and a percussionist and between them they whipped up a storm for Caolin herself, sweeping across the stage in a red dress, her face set with intense concentration, her tango-like Tientos taking Flamenco moves and adding contemporary touches.

The dance ended in thunderous foot-stamping, ushering in a compelling solo performance from Kevin Byrne. The Bristol-based guitarist took a plaintive ballad and improvised around it, his head resting against his instrument in abstracted intimacy.

The other star of the first half was Adrian Mejias, a dancer apparently recruited at the last minute after illness took someone off the tour. Dressed in a cream suit and cravat, Mejias looked like a gitano with a City job and danced with impeccable precision and energy, feet hammering faster and faster rhythms, the two guitarists flailing along with him.

It was powerful stuff that brought home the sheer physical demands of the Flamenco culture, though both dancers were at pains to conceal their heavy breathing when they took a break.

The second half was equally good, starting with a tale of broken hearts enacted to a Taranto structure and moving on to an Apache-style dance duel. Kevin Byrne and El Despeinao played a fine guitar instrumental whose blues-influenced chords sat comfortable on a flamenco frame giving it a rocking hint of Rodriguo Y Gabriela.

The evening ended with Fiesta, the two dancers trading off classic flamenco moves while the band clapped the rhythm before ambling off.

It was a convincing evening of varied entertainment far removed from the chocolate-box clichés of Flamenco For Tourists and it drew a slightly cold St George’s audience a little closer to the warmth of a Spanish autumn.

Redannick Theatre, 2010

23rd July, 2010, 8pm

with Claudia Caolin, David Hayes, Graham Emes and Nat Leslie

After School Clubs with Claudia Caolin

AS part of the ongoing program of workshops for schools I was asked to run a weekly after schools club. This proved to be very popular and was a lot of fun.

Noche Flamencas, 2011

in Miss Peapods Cafe, 18th March, 2011

with Claudia Caolin, .David Hayes and Nat Leslie

Fiesta Pasion Flamenca, 2013

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Fuego Flamenco, 2011

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Amor Al Flamenco, 2012

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